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Feb 17, 2013 9:00pm EST
and that he may have differentiation but it's a different matter. >> host: it could be poverty which is more john. >> guest: that's harder to capture. those experiences are caught up in the history of discrimination and of segregation and the continued institutional races in this country that those things are not captured by just looking at the class so that is the argument we still need to do affirmative action or, you know, a sign schools based on race. >> host: do the parents have a value on that? i understand the national. i never said we want to protect or schools and we don't want to lose this legacy, but was there a division within the community that sort of mer heard the arguments of the liberal elite to say that we need to tell you the diversity for the state's that there's something good in a school about having blacks and whites and latinos in the same place, sort of the argument that they might have something to offer a school. >> guest: it's interesting because the two families that i focused on, deon and gwen, the mom and daughter had different opinions on this and in j
Feb 3, 2013 9:00pm EST
in religion,, one of them as a parent and one is not. that makes sense. having a kid isn't a laugh, it's a lot of hard work. this free difficult for the government to bribe people. you can't construct a bribe big enough to make up for the 1 million-dollar cost of with the diapers and i teach you at 16 but you can argue them into having children i think and this is largely where church is doing and they do not argue that you should have children specifically also some religions do with the whole purpose of religion regardless of the belief is to suggest there is something bigger than you and i at this moment and that is the pre-requisite to give up your life as you know it and have a child now because you believe that there's something bigger and more important than you are doing right now and it's okay to give up your own happiness >> host: let me raise an issue that could be a delegate to the it could delicate. there are commentators in history that have talked about fallen utility and framed it in terms of either the wrong people having children or the right people not having enough
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2